Let’s say we have two routers running EIGRP, these routers are connected via their S0/1 interfaces running HDLC.
What if you get a task that says configure a loopback 0 on R1 with an IP address of, R1 should advertise this route such that R2 sees the route as in EIGRP as an external route, R1 MUST redistribute static to accomplish this task, DO NOT configure a static route on R1 to accomplish this task.

ANS: we could issue the ‘ip default-network‘ command and then issue the ‘redistribute static’ command. When you issue the “IP Default-network” command you have to specify a classful network, meaning a major network, however, if you specify a subnetted network like it will auto-inject a static route, and you can actually see it by doing a Show run, now all you need to do is redistribute static.

once we executed the ip default-network on R1 and see the routing table of R1 then we could see that is learn statically.